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This Gallery is intended to give you an indication of how individual artworks are mounted and framed.

Descriptive details of frames are included in the description of individual listings. 

Some of the art on this page may already be sold.


   This piece is available "Brave Wildflowers"  

 Copyright - Framed - Sailing Towards the Sea Poppies


 Copyright - Framed - Brave Wildflowers  


Copyright - 2021 Framed Recalling Summer (1)

 Copyright - Framed - 2021 January Shores  

Copyright - Framed Shoreline at Dusk

Copyright - Framed First Full Moon of Autumn  

  Copyright - Framed Glow of the Blood Moon

Copyright - Framed Late November Shore




Copyright - Evading the Storm Framed

 Copyright - Framed Remembering Summer



Copyright - Framed November Field


 Copyright - Framed Full Moon  

Copyright - November Moon I framed

 Copyright - Heading to the Shoreline Framed  


Copyright - Set of 4 November Breeze


 Copyright - November Shores I and Ii framed  

Framed Escaping the Storm (1)


 Framed Pastels Copyright  

Copyright - Framed After the Storm




Copyright - Framed October Field  

Copyright - Toward the Sea Poppies Framed Collection

 Copyright - Framed Dandelions Around the Oak  
 Copyright - Gallery - Sparkling Seas I


 Copyright - Sparkling Seas II




 Copyright - Last Day of September II Framed


 Copyright - Last Day of September Framed  
 Copyright - Gallery Photo I

 Copyright - September Sails II

Gallery Image 3 Gallery Image 4  















 ely cathedral 2014  








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